About gearheads

GearHeads is an automotive focused Youtube Show featuring cars, trucks, how to's, & project builds! It features friends Jesse, Matthew, Christian, and occasional guests.

The show was started by Jesse after they had nearly completed a 2+ year project with his turbocharged Miata build, however before the project was completed, the car was totaled in a serious accident with someone who had borrowed the car. As difficult and disheartening as the situation was, Jesse saw this as an opportunity to start a Youtube channel and feature the rebuild from the ground up with his project, the Reborn Miata. Matt also had a Miata, which had been acquired by his family a decade ago, but had not seen attention or been run in that same amount of time. This gave another opportunity to feature a build with his roadster, which he nicknamed Melody. Aside from these two builds, the guys always enjoy having projects around and working on cars together, and will continue doing so!

Before the channel was started, Christian had a 1995 Jeep Cherokee they used to take off-roading, maintain, repair and modify. Jesse has always had "unfinished" project cars & trucks around like his 1987 Fiero GT, 1997 Turbo Miata, 1989 Bronco II, 1987 Bronco, 1990 Miata(RIP), and now the 1992 Reborn Miata.


Our goal is to provide entertainment, share our passions, help educate those who want to learn, and continue to learn ourselves through this journey and all the projects we take on, and all of the great people we meet.

We Are GearHeads, and if you enjoy cars or trucks, so are you!