Recommended Tools

On this page is a list of tools that we have used or recommend if you want to work on cars yourself. The amount you spend on your tools saves you money and pays you back in doing your own repairs! Not all of these tools are required and some are specific to a job we may have only done a couple times, but many of them are commonly used and great additions to your toolbox to help you diagnose and solve problems or make jobs go easier!




Tools to get you started that everyone should have in their box to stay productive and keep wrenching!

Socket and Wrench Mechanic Sets 

$400 HUSKY 432 PIECE TOOL SET - WE RECOMMEND THIS SET!! Almost any socket you need, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive. Plus a complete set of wrenches and ratcheting wrenches, Allen and Torx drivers and bits are also included making this a highly useful set of tools for anyone aspiring to work on cars. 

$104 Craftsman 230 PIECE TOOL SET - Cost effective tool set with a great amount of sockets and wrenches for the price including Allen/Hex wrenches that you can add to as needed according to your needs!

$40 Craftsman Screwdriver Set - A decent set of screwdrivers is ALWAYS good to have around.

$21 NEIKO PLIERS SET - Nothing fancy, but a good starter set for pliers that will definitely be handy in your tool box!

$25 Streamlight Pen Light - A good bright flashlight is ALWAYS helpful when working on your car or taking a look at things! We recommend the bright color rather than the black model so that you don't lose it easily! Also a good idea is a charger and rechargeable batteries so that your never left without it working!


SUGGESTED - Not required but nice to have!

$40 YESCOM RATCHETING WRENCH SET - Ratcheting wrenches with elbows allowing them to swing are some of the most useful tools you can have in your collection! Trust us they come in handy more than you would expect and are a great addition to your standard set of tools!

$18 LONG REACH ANGLE PLIERS - Not required but sure make getting to certain things like hose clamps much easier sometimes!

$29 LONG REACH HOSE PLIERS - These make pulling off vacuum, coolant, and heater hoses MUCH easier! 

$30 Torque Wrench - If your doing a job where torquing bolts matters, you'll need one of these.





Diagnostic tools

Having a good set of sockets, wrenches and adapters is one thing, but before you go tearing your car apart, you need to find out and confirm whats wrong with it first!

$14 Automotive Test Light - Testing wiring. pigtail plugs, fuses and relay sources for power with a quick easy tool like a test light is a simple and easy way to help you diagnose issues on your car!

$18 Digital Multimeter - A digital multimeter with automatic ranging makes it easy for even a beginner to use and will help you diagnose problems that you otherwise would not be able to!

$22 BAFX OBDII READER - This is a reliable Bluetooth transmitter that you can hook up to your Android/iPhone to read trouble codes and get much more information from your car! Get the Torque Pro app and sync to your phone to help with diagnostics...BUT Remember! A code does not confirm or diagnose a bad part on its own, though it will help point you in the right direction!

$35 AUTEL CODE READER - If you don't want to hook up your phone or prefer a physical tool to help you diagnose your vehicle this is an affordable simple scanner that can assist by reading codes and monitors as well as provide graphs for supported sensors.


Specialty tools

A bit beyond your normal socket/wrench set, you may not use these every day, but they sure come in handy when you need them and can keep you from having to ask or borrow from Autozone or someone else!

$35 INNOVA TIMING LIGHT - Checking or setting ignition timing is an easy task...unless you don't have a timing light! This will allow you to properly set your timing after a job is complete or even allow you to adjust your current timing to preference if you want more power or efficiency!

$20 COMPRESSION TESTER - This kit will allow you to perform a compression test if necessary and deliver the good.....or bad news you need to hear, an inexpensive tool that provides a valuable service!

$67 OTC LEAKDOWN TESTER - A high quality leakdown tester that you can rely on to give accurate readings and tell you where your issue is if you are trying to diagnose compression or engine run-ability issues.



Tools & Toolsets that we have used or RECOMMEND to add to your set in case you may need them!

$40 Axle Nut Impact Socket Set - Not what you may use every day, but once in awhile you may find a big nut that you don't have a socket for in your standard set and these may come in handy! As the name implies most commonly used for axle nuts, but other uses can and do arise!