About the Guys




I have always loved cars. I think it started when I was really little. I always liked Matchbox cars & Hotwheels, and I always thought racecars were so cool! I still remember the first event that solidified in my head that cars were always going to be worth more to me than just "Transportation Appliances". When I was very young I remember my dad teasing my mom and egging my brother and I on in the back seat of their Pontiac Bonneville, yes an impressive car I know. He was flooring the gas pedal to get my mom riled up. My brother and I loved it. It may not have been the fastest car on the road but it was enough to light the spark, a spark that eventually grew into a fire!



Cars started for me back in the day of playing Need for Speed on my Playstation. The idea of being able to upgrade your car and make it better, faster, and occasionally pulling off some legally frowned upon road maneuvers, only enticed me to become better at them. Watching monster trucks fall apart and be put back together like Legos and K’nex also fired me up to learn to put them together myself. In addition, not being able to afford a $300 brake job on a part-time teaching wage at the ripe ole’ age of 17 grounded me into my own personal world of automotives. Since then, I have been teaching myself to fix, upgrade, and enhance all different types of vehicles. I was lucky enough to fall into a position that gave me ownership of a 1993 Mazda Miata and a work place to go with it. After my best friend’s car was destroyed, we finally had the opportunity, and the garage, to turn his rebuild, and others, into a passion and start on this journey.



My name is Christian or as my friends call me, Babkat. I would say my car obsession started with Hotwheels and Legos. I would always be racing my cars on the tracks or building new things. Once I hit middle school I got a gas-powered R/C car and that set in stone my passion for cars. I built and wrecked that thing like you would any off-roader. Later on I got my first car, a 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ. This opened up a whole new world to me as I off-roaded, beat on it, and had to fix mistakes but it was a good learning experience. Upon moving back to Southern California, I met back up with Jesse and started helping him build his white Miata, which led us to what we do now!

I currently drive a 1998 Honda accord that was an incredible deal, but am going to school so no project car for now! Once I have more time on my hands, I hope to acquire a 7th Gen Toyota Celica or 3rd Gen MR2. I’m still undecided.